Artist Bio


Catherine MIller


      Over the past 40  years, artisan Catherine Miller has honed her skills in the dying art of intaglio crystal engraving.  Her involvement with the arts developed from a love of nature, sparked in her youth when her family moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Proximity to the natural beauty of the ocean inspired Catherine to pursue drawing, painting and sculpting.  Exposure to the works of her favorite Masters, Michelangelo and Peter Paul Rubens, as well as the encouragement of her father, Andrew, instilled in Catherine a desire to create art from a very young age.

     After reading a National Geographic article describing the dying art of copper wheel engraving, Catherine was inspired to bring her skills to the art of engraving.  Working with crystal, she has remained committed to the old world method of hand engraving without the use of stencils or patterns.  Catherine utilizes a lathe and a variety of stone wheels, each with a unique diameter and profile, to create unique masterpieces with stunning levels of detail.  Each piece can take up to two hundred hours to engrave and is a unique display of Catherine's commitment to and passion for world class engraving.